What Does Your Slogan Tee Say About You?

What Does Your Slogan Tee Say About You?









The slogan tee has become a mainstay in most people’s wardrobes. From models to influencers to exclusive designers, everyone loves a slogan tee. Sometimes the message is life-affirming; sometimes it is politically charged; sometimes it makes you laugh out loud. Slogan tees are here to stay, but what does yours announce to the world about you? (And do you need to buy a new one?)

The Funny One

So, your funny slogan tee is designed to make onlookers laugh. Your wearer is the kind of person who likes to draw attention to their wacky sense of humour. They pride themselves on their madcap ideas, in fact. To be seen as off-the-wall, quirky and maybe a little eccentric is their life’s goal. Fun to be around, the funny slogan tee person is a real riot. Keep these people close. If nothing else, they’ll brighten up those dull days.

The Romantic One

The romantic slogan tee wearer is often a hopeless idealist, starry-eyed and dreamy (and sometimes impractical). They are frequently found meandering down the street in a daze. You might call out to them from just across the street, but they won’t hear you. Such is the depth of their reverie. You might find the romantic slogan tee wearer sitting in a café nursing an almond milk latte, staring wistfully out of the window at passers-by. A romantic slogan tee is the sign of someone with a huge heart and much love to give. Be careful, though; this fragile flower needs careful tending.

The Political One

Unafraid to proclaim their politics to the world, the political slogan tee wearer is bold. They are unapologetic about their beliefs and they want you to know. If you forget, they will remind you, so try to remember! British designer Katherine Hamnett is often credited with the inventing the political slogan tee. Way back in 1984, she unzipped her jacket in a meeting with then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, to reveal a tee emblazoned with a message against nuclear armament. I wonder if she knew what a trailblazer she’d turn out to be?!

The Bitter One

Sarcastic and cutting, the remarks your bitter slogan tee wearer makes will burn. This type of person keeps others at arm’s length; the bitter slogan is like a warning sign to steer clear. They love to brandish slogans that are readable at 100 paces. And they like it that way! With some work, though, you will learn to love their caustic sense of humour and their doomsaying ways. Just laugh off this person’s dark looks and you’ll be fine. Underneath is usually a real softy who has just suffered one to many hard knocks. 

The Life-Affirming, Hopeful One

My favourite, the hopeful slogan tee wearer will always give you a much-needed boost when you’re feeling down. Friends and family mean everything to this tee wearer; they draw their strength from those around them. Treasure your hopeful slogan tee wearing friends. They have the ability to bring light and optimism to any situation. Don’t forget to ask them what’s going on in their heads, though; always ready with a reassuring smile, they will appreciate your consideration of their feelings.

So, does your slogan tee announce what you want it to? Or do you need to update your slogan tee to reflect your current style or, more importantly, your values? If you want to refresh your wardrobe or renew your message, check out our range here.

Guest Author: 
Melanie Bonsey ~ Authentic Copy


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