Let’s Squeeze Every Last Drop of Joy Out of Summer!

Let’s Squeeze Every Last Drop of Joy Out of Summer!

As we progress through August and the leafy splendor of autumn is just visible on the horizon, it’s important to remember and be thankful, and to make the most of the joys and pleasures of the summer season. August is the month when summer leisurely begins its yearly wind-down: a last burst of intense heat before the days begin to shorten and the goldenness of the sunshine softens. It is the perfect moment to squeeze in a last-minute vacation, to reflect on time spent with family and to look forward to cooler evenings and the comforts of cosy gatherings indoors.

August is replete with days dedicated to various important people and experiences in our lives. Why not make this August extra special and take the opportunity to celebrate each one as fully as possible? Here’s a calendar of the special days being celebrated around the country this year…

1st August 2021: National Friendship Day

Get together with a group of your closest friends and enjoy some conversation. A second family, our friends remind us of the need to forget the stresses and strains of daily life and to have some fun every now and then. Throw in some tasty food and keep the drinks flowing, and you have the makings of an epic gathering that brims with love, laughter, happiness and self-acceptance.

4th August 2021: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Who doesn’t love a warm, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie? They’re hugs in the form of baked goods. It’s only fitting that they have their own day of celebration. And on a day dedicated to this baked deliciousness, it’s perfectly acceptable to eat as many as you like! At One Clover Way, our favourite recipe is McCall’s Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. Try it out; you won’t regret it!

Other food-related celebration days this month include National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day on the 20th, and National Waffle Day on the 24th. Enjoy!

9th August 2021: National Book Lovers Day

This one’s just for you. Take a moment to revisit a book that inspired you as a child, or that spoke to you at a difficult time during adulthood. Find a comfortable nook, and spend a lazy afternoon perusing its pages and reminding yourself of those feelings of inspiration or solace. A favorite book can channel our feelings or uplift our spirits in the most beautiful way.

11th August 2021: National Son and Daughter Day & 18th August 2021: National Couple’s Day

Our partners and children are often the source of the most enduring of friendships and the providers of greatest support. It’s easy to overlook those family members who are there for us day-in-day-out, so take the opportunity to show them your appreciation by presenting them with a special gift on this day.

27th August 2021: National Just Because Day

This one is a special one, and we love it at One Clover Way. It’s for every lived moment you want to celebrate, or for every special person who deserves a specific dedication. It’s a day to mark the little things that, together, contribute to our happiness and a life well-lived. So, you can treat yourself to a little deserved something ‘just because’ or show a cherished person how special they are ‘just because’ or remember a milestone ‘just because’. This day is yours to embrace in the fullest way possible.

(For more special days, you can visit https://www.calendarr.com/united-states/calendar-august-2021/)

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