Hello Summer!

Hello Summer!

June is upon us and the sun is smiling down. Hopefully, you’re all starting to feel a bit more lively and expansive. I know I am. I love the feelings of warmth and positivity the good weather stimulates. And I love the opportunities to see family and friends, to get away from it all, and to make time for myself that, somehow, the summer season encourages. With the fourth of July just around the corner, there’s a frisson in the air that signals good things are on their way. Here are three things that epitomise the summer season for me…

Quality Family Time

Family means everything. The shared milestones, the defining moments (both good and bad!), the comfort of just being able to be yourself around those you love. It’s a special and undeniable bond, and it should be treasured and nurtured.  

Sometimes we get so caught up in the minutiae of daily life that we forget to cherish our relationships with those we see every day. Take the time to genuinely check in with your loved ones. A long lazy hazy afternoon gathering in the garden is the perfect way to foster that relaxed atmosphere and to find out what’s really going on in your loved ones’ lives. Why not light one of our summer candles as the sunlight begins to fade and let your family gathering become an informal soiree?

Getting Away From It All

A change is as good as a rest. These are wise words, I think. For me, summer just isn’t summer without a proper get-away. I love to escape with my family to our lakeside cottage. It’s the perfect place to recharge, reconnect and to make new memories.

There are many benefits to taking a nice break: it can reduce stress, boost creativity, improve low moods and strengthen relationships. Essentially, a vacation gives you the time and space to reassess everything, to remember what’s important in life. It also gives you the opportunity to appreciate the company of loved ones away from the strains of regular life. I enjoy the sense of freedom and potential my time away instils, and I always return refreshed and revitalised and ready to take on the world! 

A special piece of jewelry can provide the touchstone you might need to take you back to those restorative moments. Our summer jewelry collection has many such pieces, designed to inspire faith and call up cherished memories.

Making Time for Myself

Summer is also a wonderful time to look inwards and take stock. Sometimes, before you can be your best self for others, you need to restore yourself. As I look around, I love to take inspiration from the burgeoning plants and trees, some in full technicolor bloom, some just parading their verdant leafy splendour. Nature is a beautiful thing, reminding us of the magnificence and mysterious workings of God, a constant and uplifting presence in all our lives.  


As I sit and listen to the gentle lapping of water at the lake edge, and take in the natural beauty of the world around me, I cannot help but feel truly blessed. Relaxation happens most fruitfully in surroundings that soothe your soul.

So, once you have taken the time to nourish your inner self, make space to see and nurture your loved ones. That might be through a joyously riotous family vacation, or a quiet, leisurely and companionable stroll through the countryside. Whatever your preference, just make sure it happens. You won’t regret it.




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